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  • Stocking Up the Bar – Wet Stock and Bar Accessories

    Whether you are starting a new bar business, hotel or restaurant; or whether you are merely setting up a home bar, getting stocked up can be quite challenging. Not only do you have to think about all the wet stock, the drinks, but also you need to ensure you have the right bar accessories, pub furniture and equipment.

    Fortunately much of the bar equipment you will need will depend entirely on the drinks you plan to stock and/or sell. So ordering bar equipment when you are preparing you wet stock is one way of taking some of the headache out of buying bar equipment and accessories.

    Spirits: The key bar supplies and accessories you will need for serving spirits are glasses and measure.

    Wine: Other than wine glasses (that can take both small and large measures) wine measures will be needed if the glasses have no marks on them.

    Beer: If you are serving draft beer then drip trays are a must as are bar towels, bar trays and beer mats.

  • The Top 5 Glassware Items Found in Bars

    Barware is basically the equipment that one uses to mix and serve alcoholic drinks. Having these equipments makes the jobs of bartenders much easier. Although there are countless numbers of barware that a bar uses, the top 5 glassware items that you WILL find in bars are, shot glasses, martini glasses, beer mugs, wine glasses, and last but not least, the old-fashioned glasses. One may think, why use so many different glasses when at the end of the day, you are just drinking the liquid? That is because there is an art to mixing drinks and drinking it.

    Shot glasses are normally really small glasses made of thick glass and it is used to hold around an ounce of concentrated liquor, tequila or vodka. It can also be used for mixing drinks behind the bar. The reason why shot glasses are made of thick glasses is so that it can withstand the slamming of the glass on the table which usually happens after a person consumes the alcohol in a single gulp. If the bartender serves shots in a champagne or wine glass, and the glass is slammed on the table, it is very likely that the glass will shatter into pieces. Champagne or wine glasses are not built to be slammed on bar counters.

    Martini glasses, also known as cocktail glasses, have a stem on a flat base and a flat bowl with a wide brim on top. The reason why martini glasses are built that way is so that the glass can be held from the stem. Drinks served in these glasses do not use ice. So, holding the glass from the stem will not allow the drink’s temperature to be affected by the person’s body heat.

    A bar should not even call themselves bars if they do not have beer mugs. Beer mugs are just as essential as red wine and white wine glasses. There are numerous types and each type affects the drink. Some beer bugs gives the beer a better foam head, some enhances the aroma, while others enhances the aromatic volatiles of the beer.

    To experience the fine art of drinking wine, only wine glasses can be used. There are even different types of wine glasses for white wine and red wine. Wine glasses consists of three parts, the bowl, stem and foot. Just like the martini glass, the stem is designed to ensure the wine’s temperature is not affected by heat from our hands. It is also to avoid finger prints on the bowl, this way wine enthusiasts can see the colour of the wine clearly.

    Lastly, every bar is surely to have the most commonly used glass, the old fashioned glass, also known as rocks glass or lowball glass. Lowball glasses are used for drinks like liquor, whiskey or any other drinks which are usually served with ice. The reason why lowball glasses are the most common to be found in bars is because it can also be used for non-alcoholic drink and it holds larger amount of liquid compared to the others.

  • Different Ways in Which You Can Make High Quality Wine Bottle Art for Your Home or Wine Bar

    Over the years people have reshaped the way in which we relate to alcoholic drinks. From the simple act of consumption to the rather high demanding etiquette of tasting and collecting, one specific beverage has managed to become a standard symbol for elegance and upper class values. I am talking of course about wine (and other wine related beverages such as champagne). One of the more recent hobbies involving wine is widely known among enthusiasts as wine art.

    Why would you ever want to throw away a wine bottle, when you can use it for everything from a vase to a table centerpiece or to any other type of decoration piece for your house, office or business. Let’s take for example the hanging wine bottle decoration piece (you should look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about), an artistic element that can easily be manufactured with nothing more than a glass cutter. With a limited budget and a couple of hours of work to properly fit your chosen elements (hooks, chain, labels, silk flower heads, marbles, rocks etc.) you will be able to create original and highly classy wine bottle art.

    Don’t think however that this is only useful for those who have too much time on their hands and want a not so common hobby, because wine art is highly regarded and profits are not very hard to obtain if you are crafty and have good taste.

    Wine art is especially profitable if you know a wine bar that might accept either commercializing or using your wine bottle art as decorations. The internet is a great place to find information and instructions about different popular designs that might inspire you and help you find your personal artistic expression. It is also useful to visit different establishments that use this type of art in either artistic or commercial purposes so it will be easier for you to communicate and interact with people who have the same hobby.

    Personalized labels and bottles are rather easy to obtain and all the other accessories can be purchased almost everywhere. Don’t hesitate to give wine bottle art a try and you will surely be pleasantly surprised with the number of decorative pieces that you will produce in no time.

    If not interested, don’t hesitate to take your old wine bottles to the nearest wine bar so they can be put to good use.